Thursday, December 2

Experience Gifts That Will Leave Pleasant Memories


In life we remember things that were nice to experience or very exciting.  Don’t even bother to mention the negative events that are almost instantly put into the memory bank and forgotten. Take a minute and list all the nice things that come in your mind?  I would be surprised if an event like a good play at the theater and a sports event are not recognised as a good experience. I myself have a few I can mention but for me the ultimate experience is that moment when you are in the airplane about to take off.  That feeling is even better when your end destination is a holiday. That feeling of acceleration from a standing start on the runway is one that I wish I can experience over and over.

Whether you want to experience a drive in an Audi, Ferrari or experience a rally car you can do that with an experience gift. Maybe you want to treat yourself, your partner or a colleague to an experience gift which will provide countless memories for those experiencing it. For the speed lovers a Formula One experience will leave you feeling like Lewis Hamilton or Mark Webber crossing the finish line.

Celestial Gift Experiences and Mantality provide the opportunity to experience events  that will provide countless memories that will last a lifetime.


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