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Everything You Need to Know About Washing your Face Correctly


Cleansing your face twice a day is an essential step in anyone’s grooming routine. It may seem very simple, but it’s easy to make common errors that can lead to skin concerns down the road. Using the correct method and skincare products to cleanse daily will help ensure a fresh, healthy complexion. To help you take the guesswork out of cleansing correctly, here’s everything you need to know about washing your face correctly.

Use lukewarm water

Warm water can be very effective in lifting dirt from the skin, but if the water is too hot it can lead to dehydration. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oil barrier which could result in sensitivity down the line.

Rinse properly

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When cleansing, make sure you rinse the skin thoroughly. Any soapy residue that stays behind on the skin will clog pores and lead to dryness.

Wash your face in the shower

Whenever possible, wash your face in the shower. The steam from the water will help open the pores, allowing your face wash to thoroughly do its job.

Invest in a good-quality face wash

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While it may be tempting to just use your body wash to cleanse your face, do your skin a favour and invest in a good quality face wash. A good-quality face wash will be free from harsh chemicals and soap and won’t strip your skin of its natural oils when cleansing.

Men with beards can try a face wash specifically designed for use on beards like FINO Gel Face Wash. A multifunctional product, its formulation also helps protect against ingrown hair and bumps. It is important to keep your beard hygienically clean to ensure that the beard and the skin beneath it stay clean and healthy without getting dry and flaky. A good face wash removes dust and other dirt that may make the beard itch or smell.

Men and women with sensitive skin, but oily skin would benefit from using a wash like the Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel. The purifying gentle cleanser is enriched with purifying agents and helps to limit the formation of blemishes.

Switch out your face cloth

Try not to reuse a dirty face cloth. It may be irritating to pop your face cloth in the wash after every use, but reusing the same cloth over and over can spread bacteria, completely undoing all the good you try to do by cleansing.

Use a clean towel


Similarly, use a clean towel to pat your face dry. Drying your face with a used shower towel is not the best idea. We have micro-organisms all over our bodies, and even after a shower, some bacteria may still exist on our bodies. Using the same towel to dry off your body and face could potentially spread your body’s bacteria onto your face, leading to breakouts.

Be gentle on your skin

Don’t wash and dry your face too vigorously. Pulling and tugging at the skin has a negative effect on the skin’s elasticity. Instead, gently wash in circular motions, and pat the skin dry instead of rubbing or pulling it.

Don’t wash too often

Make sure you don’t wash your face too often. No matter how oily your skin is, never wash it more than twice a day. Any more and you will impair your skin’s natural oil production, resulting in over-compensation and breakouts.

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