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Buyer’s Guide: 3 Best Headsets for the Xbox Series X & Series S


Microsoft’s next big console is in high demand. With both a flagship model in the Xbox Series X and more affordable disk-less version in the Xbox Series S, the console is already a firm favourite with console gamers. If you’re lucky enough to have gotten your hands on this next-generation console already then you’re no doubt looking to invest in peripherals and accessories to improve your gaming experience.

A good headset is a great place to start in terms of accessories, and we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to some of the best headsets available for Xbox Series X and Series S. Luckily, any headset that worked on the Xbox One will also work on the new Xbox Series S and X consoles, giving you a world of options at your fingertips.

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Not sure which one to choose? We’ve put together our picks for the best Xbox headsets, confirmed to be compatible with the Xbox Series X and S:

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Best Budget Bluetooth headset: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen2

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

If you’re looking for a wireless solution, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (gen 2) headset is a great choice. Turtle Beach launched the second-generation version of this headset in 2020. With a refreshed design and some great new features, this accessory is best-in-class when it comes to wireless gaming headsets. Boasting 20-hours of battery life, this wireless headset won’t let you down in the midst of a battle.

The Stealth 700 offers superb audio, and complemented by Turtle Beach’s “SuperHuman Hearing” preset, accentuates enemy movements, enhancing tactical play, giving you an immersive game-play experience. The broad soundscape and impressive bass you get with this headset make it a great option for listening to music and watching movies as well.

Best Versatility headset: Astro A50

Astro A50

While the Astro A50 doesn’t come cheap, it does offer an excellent recharge dock and a wide array of features, that make it more than worth the splurge. This headset may be the priciest option on our list, but its hefty price tag is undoubtedly justified for those who don’t mind spending a little more on convenience and premium features.

The Astro A50’s sound profile is rich, emphasising tactical audio cues and the wireless headset comes with a magnetic charging dock, giving you peace of mind that you’ll always be ready to play when the mood strikes. It’s one of the most versatile gaming headsets on the market and, big plus, Astro is also updating the device for the Xbox Series X and S with a firmware option to enable USB compatibility. The headset also comes with compatibility for SPDIF optical audio, meaning you can plug it straight into the TV and you can connect the USB to a PC, which will come in handy if you play across multiple devices.

Best Overall headset:

LucidSound LS35X headset

Brilliant soundscape meets comfortable design in the LucidSound LS35X headset. This headset is a great overall option and includes wireless features with airy, cooling earcups.

The LS35X was the first headset to use Microsoft’s Xbox wireless signal for connectivity, replacing all wires and dongles back in 2017, and the headset boasts an impressive all-day battery life, rechargeable via USB. Additional features include coolant gel in the earcups, keeping you cool during long gaming sessions. The headset features an excellent, detachable mic, with an LED mute light for seamless communication when gaming online.

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