Sunday, August 7

Black Friday: What to Avoid


Black Friday is coming in hot, but before you pull make the jump on every deal you see, it’s also important to know what deals to avoid. We’re here to help you navigate through a few pitfalls of shopping online during Black Friday.

  • Just because a store might promote a 50% price tag, doesn’t actually mean it’s half price: Be aware of the difference between a current RRP and a launch price. Some retailers will flaunt a huge discount by showing the difference in it’s current price to it’s launch price (which may have received numerous distributor or manufacturer RRP price-drops since releasing). This makes the sale discount look inflated – the ‘was’ price should be the current RRP, not the original launch price.
  • Remember to check the average price of a product before deciding: Always look at a few retailers’ listings for the product you have in mind. Finding out the average price of a product will help you determine whether the sale price is actually good or not. Thankfully, tools like PriceCheck’s product comparison feature help make this a breeze.
  • Finally, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s good: The old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ usually applies to modern online shopping too. Just because something has a rock-bottom price, doesn’t always mean it’s a ‘crazy deal’ – it could just be a low quality good. Be careful of counterfeit and brands which have no warranty or support in South Africa.

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