Sunday, August 7

Black Friday: What Are South Africans Searching For & Buying?


We hear a lot of Black Friday this and Black Friday that, but what we don’t really often see if the consumer behaviour choices behind all the big spending (and savings) going down.

In 2018, PriceCheck, the leading product and price comparison site in South Africa, had a cracking Black Friday to say the least; and looking through the data from last year’s event, there are some pretty interesting statistics worth taking note of.

From a demographic breakdown to what users were primarily searching for, we’ve got some insight into what a huge group of South African online shoppers are interested in and spending their money on.

In terms of gender, women make up the majority of PriceCheck shoppers (54%), while Gauteng sends the overwhelming majority (57%) of the traffic compared to all the other provinces.

What were people looking for though? Well, the most searched brands included Huawei, Apple, Defy, Samsung, and Sony, while specific popular products included Sony’s PS4 console, PS4 VR headset, Fitbit’s Versa  fitness watch, and hoverboard toys for kids.

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