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Black Friday South Africa: Why Shop Online vs Store Shopping


Black Friday South Africa is coming on the 29th of November, but before that anxiety kicks in thinking about the chaos that’s set to unfold at the brick-and-mortar stores around the country, we’ve got some good reasons to keep your purchases online rather than in-store.

1. You can do it from the comfort of your couch

Of course, the most obvious reason is that, if you’re shopping online, there’s no need to even leave your home. Driving in traffic, looking for parking, and tackling the crowds can be a daunting task for some, let alone the long queues in the stores once you find what you’re looking for. Rather stick to scanning the variety of online Black Friday deals while you’re in your PJs.

2. Deliveries

Most of the online stores offer free delivery during the Black Friday shopping period, meaning that the products you purchase will be sent directly to your door free of charge, so there’s no reason to lug packets around a mall or try squash that new 4K TV into your hatchback.

3. Broader product range

Shopping in malls can be convenient – grabbing things from multiple stores in one trip – but there’s still a lot of chaos you have to deal with, as outlined in points 1 and 2. Online, there is essentially thousands of products and online merchants that you can shop at, and even better, all across one hub like PriceCheck which curates the best products and deals from South Africa’s best retailers.

4. International brands

One thing most physical stores don’t have is a selection of imported or international goods. Shopping online gives you access to online retailers who stock products from overseas brands and retailers (sometimes with an import mark-up), but the fact that they’re now available to us South Africans is a huge plus.

5. Easy price comparison

While shopping online is vastly easier than in-store shopping, jumping from website to website to compare prices in order to find ‘who is best’ can be tricky. Thankfully, PriceCheck, who has been an industry leader in price comparison and product discovery,  does it all for you. It’s the best spot to check out all the big retailers’ Black Friday deals as the go-live. It curates and combines hundreds of online and physical stores across SA, allowing you to compare their offerings this shopping season so that you can find the very-best price before making a decision.

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