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8 Tips for New Plant Parents


Plants are very in vogue right now. Everyone and their dog seems to be cultivating an indoor garden and bringing greenery into the home as much as possible.

In fact, a recent Gumtree Twitter poll revealed that 61.7% of respondents call themselves ‘plant parents’. In other words, more people are falling in love with gardening! The poll, specifically aimed at millennials, saw 41.2% answering “Yes, l love my green babies” and 20.5% saying “Not a millennial, but yes!” to the bellow question: “Millennials just love their plants. As they say, pets are the new kids and plants the new pets. Do you consider yourself a plant parent?”


South Africans sure love plants. And why wouldn’t they? They’re affordable (compared to a pet or child, at least), don’t take up too much space in an apartment or small home, and add a touch of greenery and life to your living space.

But it’s not just in the Republic. Indoor gardening is a global trend that continues to grow! A survey by the National Gardening Association showed that houseplant sales in the US have increased 50% to $1.7 billion in the last three years.

So, if you’re keen to get your fingers green too, here are 8 tips to get you started:


Location, location, location

Place your garden in an area that you will see every day. If something is out of sight, you will likely forget about it and not spend the necessary time to take care of it.

In search of sunlight

Pay close attention to where the sunlight hits in your yard and at what times. This will help you choose the best spot for your garden.

Keep in mind that most edible plants, like vegetables, fruits, and herbs, will need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day, so choose the location for them wisely.


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Keep water close by

Plant your garden as close to a water source as possible to avoid too many back-breaking watering can trips. Not sure how to tell whether your plants desperately need water or not? Push a finger down into the soil (about one inch); if it is dry that far down, it is time to give them a drink.

Invest in soil

Spend the money to purchase the best quality soil you can afford. Your plants will only benefit in the long run.


Finding space

If space is a concern, consider purchasing a few large pots. Many plants can thrive in this environment so your gardening journey does not have to end due to lack of space.

Choosing the right plants

Choose the right plants for the environment. If your yard or home does not have a large amount of sun per day, do not choose plants that require all-day sunlight. Some quick research will help you find out which are best for the environment you can give them.


Check your calendar

Plan to start your garden at the right time. Starting right before winter hits may not be the best time, for example.

Feed your plants regularly

Along with high-quality soil and regular watering, help your plants grow big and strong with regular nutrients. Purchasing some top-notch food for your plants will do wonders.

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