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5 Tips for Caring for Your Beard During Lockdown


Can’t get to your barber during lockdown? There’s no need to shave your beard just yet! There are plenty of ways you can look after your beard at home to keep it in tip top shape until you can see your trusty barber again. Follows these easy tips to keep your beard looking good and well maintained even without shaving and trimming.

1. Have patience

man with beard

The first thing to know about beard care is that it takes patience. Having a healthy, great-looking beard doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, care and good grooming.

2. Keep your Beard Fresh and Clean

beard wash

Though beard oils and balms work wonders, they could end up being ineffective if the beard is not washed properly. It is important to keep your beard clean. Routine beard washing will help keep your beard feeling soft and smell great while also encouraging a stronger beard.

Use a face wash designed for use on beards to ensure that the beard and the skin beneath it stay clean and healthy without getting dry and flaky. A good beard and face wash will help to remove dust and other dirt that may make the beard itch or smell. When washing, soak the facial hairs and the skin in the wash and gently massage to remove the sticky dirt. Rinse with warm to cold water and gently towel dry. This helps avoid breaking the weak hair strands.

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3. Take caring of the skin underneath your beard

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If you find your skin beneath your beard is starting to become sensitive, dry and itchy, then you can definitely benefit from using a skincare treatment mask. If you have a beard on the fuller side and are wondering how to get underneath there, don’t fret. Just apply the mask over your beard ensuring contact with the skin and rinse with cool to warm water after the recommended time.

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4. Shaping and styling your beard like a pro

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When your beard becomes longer, and trimming is not an option. It can be hard to control and style the beard. Your beard may not look as groomed as you would like it to be. After a couple of months of beard growth, you can start with regular combing or brushing. This keeps the beard neat and encourages hair strands to grow in the same direction. It also removes any loose strands as well as some of the superficial dust.

Invest in a specialised beard comb or brush to keep your beard looking well-groomed and in a great condition.

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5. Don’t forget the beard oil

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If your beard is needing some extra TLC, using beard oil can be the right solution to tame and shape your growing beard. Beard Oils made from natural ingredients gives a light hold and keep your beard well-shaped and styled, while maintaining a natural look. Apart from being a perfect beard controller, beard oil is also a source of nourishment for facial hair. Daily application of beard oil also provides nutrients and minerals that trigger beard growth giving you a thick and long-stranded beard.

Give your beard the attention it needs and you will be rewarded with a healthy, well-moisturised beard. A neglected beard will start to look, feel and smell unattractive and may actually irritate your skin in the long run. The skin under the beard can easily become dry, itchy, and red, especially during the winter months, and also may be hiding ingrown hairs. Using a beard oil can help keep both the skin and the beard moisturised while also softening the hair and keeping it shiny.

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