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5 Must-Haves for the Best Remote Working Experience


At the beginning of the year, no one could have predicted that by October, many of us would find ourselves working from home, holding conferences from our living rooms and interacting with our colleagues over Zoom.

If you’re in a position to work remotely, you’ll know by now that it comes with pros and cons. On the one hand, there’s no traffic to deal with and you can get away with wearing pyjamas on the bottom, but on the other hand, you might be missing some of the creature comforts of a professional office environment, or maybe you’re struggling without your usual workday routine. To help you stay productive here are some tips on the must-haves for the best remote working experience.

A comfortable chair

work from home

Anyone who’s been sitting on their dining room chair for 8 hours a day for six months has learned a valuable lesson: dining room chairs were not made for prolonged sitting day in and day out! If there’s one thing you should invest in for the best remote working environment it’s a great chair. There are so many options available online; there’s no excuse not to.

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Headphones with a microphone

Jabra Elite 85H 

For many of us who have to share a remote working space with our families (including partners and children all leading their own online lives), we know how chaotic it can get with everyone trying to hold video meetings at the same time. A set of headphones with a built-in mic are critical for surviving remote working conditions. That way, everyone can have their own conversations without interfering with anyone else’s, even if you’re sharing the same table.

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A second screen

laptop mac

While working on your laptop is sufficient, connecting your laptop to a second, bigger computer monitor will change the quality of your remote working life in a big way. A wide screen makes it easier to have multiple programmes open and keep on top of everything. Now that we all have Teams or Slack open during working hours, it’s really handy to be able to have your messaging platform open on one screen and your spreadsheets or other documents open on the other.

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UPS computer

Loadshedding is never cool, but it’s so much worse when it happens while you’re working remotely. Without an office park generator, you might be left in the dark and unable to connect to the internet and do your work. A UPS (or uninterrupted power supply) will make sure you can at least power your router so you can still connect to the internet even if there’s no power. They’re very small, don’t cost a fortune and are very easy to use.

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A good coffee machine

Miele coffee machine

For many people, coffee is the lifeblood of productivity so why not invest in a good-quality coffee machine to keep your energy levels up throughout the day? If machine coffee isn’t for you, there are many inexpensive gadgets on the market that will help you make a great cup of restaurant-quality coffee at home every morning. Click here to check out our Buyer’s Guide on Affordable Gadgets to Make Café-Quality Coffee at Home.

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