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4 Things You Need to Know Before Cutting Your Child’s Hair During Lockdown


During South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown, we’re all having to limit our movements to essential visits to the shops for supplies and clothing. Our attention has moved to topics like homeschooling, working from home, and home fitness but parents across the country also have another topic on their minds; haircuts. After spending a few weeks indoors, many children are in dire need of a haircut and for many parents, the temptation to cut is growing by the day.

Of course, cutting your child’s hair can certainly be intimidating if you’ve never done it yourself, so we’ve put together a list of much-needed tips for you to consider before picking up the scissors:

1. Consider your client:

child's haircut

The biggest mistake we all make with at-home haircuts is not considering that there is more to cutting hair than just taking off length. Professionals are taught to consider factors such as the rounds and curves of the skull, head shape, and how that affects the way the hair lays on the head. Before cutting away think about your child’s hair and how it behaves or moves and have a plan of action for the cut. Rather start small and take off very little length than cut off too much.

2. Cutting with scissors:

child's haircut

Since you’re not a professional hairstylist, you very likely don’t have the right hair cutting scissors at home. But, hairstylists will tell you that if you’re looking to attempt a more complicated cut, then a pair of hairdresser’s shears are absolutely essential as this hair type will show every imperfection and error made. If your child has fine hair scissors may not be the best tool for your haircut attempt.

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3. Using electric hair clippers:

child's haircut

If your child prefers a shortcut, using electric hair clippers are definitely a good option to consider when cutting your child’s hair. A good rule of thumb to follow is the smaller the blade, the shorter the cut. If you’re going for a buzz cut, use a one or a two attachment. If your child prefers to wear their hair a little longer on the top of their head, go for an attachment with a slightly higher number on it.

If you’ve never used an electric hair trimmer before start slow. Attachment guards, blade levels, and hand mechanics all play a part in a successful buzzer cut. If you’re unsure about your child’s desired length, start with an attachment that has a high number first and work your way down, you can always take off more hair if it’s too long.

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4. Cutting curly or textured hair

child's haircut

Cutting curl or textured hair is indeed more tricky than cutting straight hair. There are plenty of video tutorials online that break down how to cut curly or textured hair, especially boy’s hair. If you’re looking to do a basic cut and remove some length proceed with caution and cut the hair dry. Curly and textured hair will appear longer and lay differently on the hair when wet and you won’t be able to clearly see what you’re doing.

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